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Private Swimming Lessons For Children

At SwimSkool, we believe learning to swim is a vital step in a child's life: the earlier children get introduced to the water the better. As we only offer private 1-2-1 swimming lessons, SwimSkool can focus on your child, working to improve quickly and effectively whilst at the same time keeping our lessons fun and safe.


We teach water safety from a very young age. Even our youngest swimmers are taught to jump into the pool as far as they can and swim to the wall to get out. We teach floating and treading water, which are vital skills in an aquatic emergency. Children learn pool rules, how to jump in safely and what to do in case of an emergency.


Confidence is a big part of learning how to swim. The more your child learns and improves, the more confident they will become in the water. The more confident they become, the more things they will want to try. Swimming is all about self-belief: if you think you can do it you usually can. Once your child has overcome their fears and learnt to swim, it’s a wonderful boost for self-esteem which will help them in any area of life.

Your child will follow Swim Englands Learn-to-Swim programme. Along the way they can earn and collect badges and certificates as well as distance awards. 



All our lessons are on a 1-2-1 basis or a 2-2-1 for siblings

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